Based on the State of the State address from Governor Polis this week and countless media articles including comments from both sides of the aisle, everyone agrees – for Colorado to remain one of the healthiest economies in the country we need to work together to build brighter childhoods. How we do that may still be up for some debate. Illuminate Colorado’s legislative agenda includes a laundry list of agenda items, 18 to be exact, that span primary, secondary & tertiary prevention. We are optimistic and excited to see several priorities that will prevent child maltreatment mentioned in the Governor’s speech.

Most notably, with a proposal to help an additional 6,000 children attend preschool, half of all eligible kids in Colorado will have a brighter future. Governor Polis is making a smart investment in our economy, reminding us all that “early childhood education isn’t just about giving our kids a great start in life. Every dollar invested in high-quality preschool produces a seven dollar return on investment due to higher earnings, lower special education needs, greater tax revenues, less dependency on public assistance, and lower crime rates.”

Throughout the legislative session Illuminate will share a weekly blog update on bills impacting children, youth and families, highlighting opportunities to get involved to advance a legislative agenda that Illuminate’s Colorado by preventing child maltreatment. We encourage you to read through the entire 2020 Illuminating Policy Agenda to learn more about policy changes that, if made, could dramatically strengthen families in Colorado.

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