What does it mean to advocate for policies that strengthen families?

We spent a day with Lex Loutzenhiser, Illuminate’s Policy Manager, to find out.

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Tuesday, April 9th

9:00 am – Team meeting

First, Lex starts off their day with a Policy Team meeting. She meets with Jillian Fabricius, Illuminate’s Deputy Director, to review their plans for the week. These small team meetings usually consist of discussing advocacy needs, bills or policies of interest, how they plan to engage stakeholders, and how to best engage in collaborative efforts with partners.

Lex Loutzenhiser, Policy Manager

Jillian Fabricius, Deputy Director

11:30 am – Prepare for a day at the capitol

After meeting with Jillian, Lex heads to the Illuminate Colorado office to make copies of a testimony they will be providing for legislators later on.

Next, it’s off to the Capitol building…

12:30 pm – A quick photo with Representative Cathy Kipp

It’s always fun running into Colorado legislators who are our partners in prevention!

Next, let’s head inside the Capitol…

1:00 pm – Partner meeting

Once inside the capitol, Lex finds a spot to join a meeting with the Colorado Home Visiting Coalition to participate and provide an Illuminate policy update.

Now let’s talk to some legislators…

2:00 pm – Senate Finance Committee

Lex then makes their way to the Senate Finance Committee room to join partners and bill sponsors to share Illuminate’s support of SB24-181.

During the committee hearing, Lex testified in support of SB24-181 to share about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in Colorado. They spoke to the need for increased funding opportunities to prevent FASDs and better serve individuals and families impacted by FASDs.

4:30 pm – Policy meeting with Illuminate’s Executive Director

Lex wraps up her day with a larger team meeting with Jillian Fabricius and Illuminate’s Executive Director, Jade Woodard. In the meeting, they discuss Illuminate’s policy work to ensure it is in alignment and supporting Illuminate’s broader goals and priorities.

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Be sure to stay up to date on all things policy–the end of this legislative season is sure to be an exciting one!

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