Every year, April arrives amid a flurry of action and awareness surrounding Child Abuse Prevention Month. And every year, April ends and the resounding echoes of awareness campaigns fade to a whisper.

For thirty days, it’s so exciting to see all the awareness being spread and the work being done to create brighter childhoods. We even posted a blog this past week highlighting everything going on throughout the month of April. It’s, without a doubt, an exciting time to talk about the important work that we do.

But the work isn’t over when April ends. And that’s why we need Luminaries.

Building Brighter Childhoods Year-Round

With a research-based approach that emphasizes building protective factors and strengthening families, Illuminate Colorado addresses systemic and multi-sector issues by working across the Spectrum of Prevention. Our year-round programs and services operate upstream and downstream, spanning the Continuum of Prevention.


Launching a New Community

To support this work year-round, we’re launching a new community of passionate supporters – the Luminaries!

When you become a Luminary by pledging to donate monthly, you will join a community of supporters providing a stable foundation for Illuminate Colorado’s work strengthening families, organizations and communities to prevent child maltreatment.

To help us get this new community off to a STRONG START, and in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Brenda and Raymond French family will donate $100 for every new Luminary pledge made through the end of April.

This means you could add $100 to your donation just by giving BEFORE May 1st!

As a Luminary, you’ll get all sorts of perks!

  •       You get access to exclusive events. We already have several lunch & learns scheduled!
  •       You will receive regular updates from the executive director.
  •       We’ll send you a free bouquet of Pinwheels for you to display if you become a Luminary before the end of April!
  •       And more!

We’re so excited about this growing community and are looking forward to having you as a partner in the amazing work that we get to do.

Join us and help build brighter childhoods in Colorado by becoming a Luminary today.

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