Men, sometimes you just need to talk, especially now. We’re excited to share a brand-new Circle of Parents group for fathers and male caregivers all around Colorado meeting every Thursday at 5:30 pm starting April 23. We know that fathers are often left out of the conversation when it comes to parenting advice so we wanted to create a space for fathers to share with each other all the ups and downs of parenting. The floor is open to talk about anything, but some topics might include:

  • Activities to do at home with children of all ages
  • How to maintain self-care and self-kindness
  • Resources and tips to stay healthy and safe
  • How to talk about what’s going on with your children

… whatever you want to talk about!

This group is facilitated by Adam Combs, a father of a daughter living in Colorado Springs and Adrian Nuñez , a father of two living in Colorado Springs. They will also soon be starting a Fathers of Freedom group for fathers who are veterans.

Click HERE for Zoom Video Conferencing and telephone information for Circle of Fathers!

llluminate offers several other virtual Circle of Parents groups. They’re listed below with updated meeting times.

Circle of Parents for any and all Colorado parents and caregivers (English)

This is a space for parents to come together to talk about whatever is on their mind and support each other. This group is now meeting every week on Tuesday at 10:00 am and Thursday at 3:00 pm.

Click HERE for Zoom Video Conferencing and telephone information. 

This group is facilitated by Sara Mirshamsi, a mother of three daughters in Pueblo, CO and a parent mentor for Circle of Parents.

Circle of Parents in Recovery (English)

This online group for parents and caregivers in recovery from a substance use disorder meets every week on Wednesday at 9:30 am and Friday at 7:00 pm. Connect with others parents maintaining their recovery during these stressful times.

Click HERE for Zoom Video Conferencing and telephone information.

This group is facilitated by Toni Miner, a mother of three daughters and legal guardian to two of her three grandchildren living in Arvada, CO. She recently celebrated 18 years in recovery and is a Family Support Partner for the Jefferson County Human Services Department, a trainer and mentor for the Colorado Circle of Parents Chapter, and has been facilitating a weekly Circle of Parents in Recovery group in Lakewood for the last four years.

Parents and Caregivers of Children with PAE/FASD

Join other parents and caregivers of children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders on the first and third Friday of each month at 12:30 pm.

Click HERE for Zoom Video Conferencing and telephone information.

Many other existing Circle of Parents groups are learning to connect online while Colorado is physically distancing from one another to prevent the community spread of COVID-19 in many communities in Colorado. Visit each group page or contact the parent facilitator to find out if a specific parent group is meeting online during this crisis.

 We know communities are stronger together, so please encourage others to join you. 

Circulo de Padres – Para Todos Los Padres y Tutores

Padres, ustedes solo son humanos y los humanos son criaturas sociales, y somos más felices y saludables cuando regularmente pasamos tiempo con otros. Conectarse con otras personas puede reducir el estrés y ayudarlo a recordar que otros se preocupan por usted. En este momento, tenemos que hacer eso en línea. 

Este grupo es facilitado por Maria Soto, una madre de dos hijas y una nieta en Denver, CO. Maria es una profesional de apoyo familiar con Families First en Shiloh House y ha estado facilitando un Círculo de Padres semanal durante siete años.

Haga clic AQUÍ para más información.
Cuando: Miércoles a 6:30 pm

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