Typical Time Length

2 Hours

Best For

Professionals, Parents and Caregivers


  • The researched benefits of yoga and mindfulness
  • Tools to use with kids to promote these benefits
  • Learn all the elements of yoga – not just stretching
  • Connect, move, breathe, focus, rest and reflect 

Adult Yoga

A well-regulated adult will help to create a well-regulated child. By giving parents tools to manage feelings and stress through adult yoga and mindfulness, Bloom Yoga seeks to build parental resilience and strengthen families. These practices are beneficial for all parents and caregivers – including foster and adoptive parents.

In addition, Bloom Yoga also offers benefits to professionals working to strengthen families, like managing their own stress relief and regulation, as well as learning skills or gaining tools to teach the families they serve to ultimately prevent occurrence or recurrence of child maltreatment.

Class Description for Professional & Adult Yoga: Utilize all the elements of yoga, including gentle movements, rest, mindfulness, and breathing as a tool for self study. Learn what your body does in times of stress and which techniques can help to alleviate stress in the body. This is a gentle yoga class; no experience necessary. All activities in this class are optional, as there is a focus on taking care of one’s own body.

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