Get prepared to get out into the community during child abuse prevention month, and all year-long, to give presentations to your local rotary, community cafes, chamber of commerce or church!

One of the best ways to gain understanding of what it’s like to experience something you yourself have never been through is to hear someone who has had that experience talk about it. Hearing personal stories of parents and volunteers has a unique kind of impact; it’s very effective in making the audience think, I have the power to prevent child abuse. 

By the same token, another very effective way of really getting the point across to somebody is to have an expert, community leader or an authority present information about prevention. For example, a group of new moms may be more interested in what a pediatrician has to say than they would be in the views of a layperson, or maybe both!

Speakers can narrow the gap between talking about something and fully understanding it. For this reason, the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign in Colorado is building a speakers bureau program to promote strengthening families in the community and understanding of how everyone can prevent child maltreatment. Engaging extroverts who would like to join the Prevention Promoters Speakers Bureau should attend a 2 hour training

Volunteers, nonprofit board members and leaders, fellow advocate, experts and people with lived experiences will all benefit from an opportunity to:

  • Spend some time reviewing framing and messaging best practices and learn fun interactive games to use with large groups to illustrate the importance of child abuse prevention.
  • Get comfortable delivering your “elevator speech”, as well as your 10 -15 min community presentation great for rotary groups, church groups, chambers of commerce or media interviews. 
  • Get feedback from your peers and tips and tricks for media interviews and public speaking engagements to improve your community outreach efforts!

Click HERE to learn more about the Prevention Promoters Speakers Bureau and sign up for the first training on March 4th.

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