Partner Poses are a fun way to build your yoga routine at home! Kids and Teens love these poses because they are interactive and leave room for a lot of connection and laughter.

Partner poses can build focus, teamwork, and empathy — all essential skills we want to teach our kids. 

As you think about partnering with your child, be sure to demonstrate a sense of humor so everyone knows it’s okay to be silly and have fun!  We tend to think you have to be “good” or “flexible” to do yoga, but that’s not what it’s about.  Yoga accepts you where you are. Enjoy the moment, try your best, and keep you and your body safe. Most of all, have fun. 

We love Yoga Pretzel cards by Tara Guber and Leah Kalish!

Some fun partner poses are demonstrated in our video HERE.

These are some of the fun poses we used:

      • Double Dog
      • Back to Back Chair
      • Double Tree (Forest)
      • Partner Seated Twist
      • Airplane
      • Double Gate
      • Double Plank

Trauma-Informed Yoga Tip: Always give your child the option to be touched prior to partner poses or games.  Choice is important for children when learning about their bodies and healthy boundaries.  Always talk first!

A Bloom Yoga Partner Relaxation Activity: Back Writing

Take a seat behind your child and use your index finger to firmly write letters, shapes, or words on their back. Have them guess what you have written or drawn. Or have them draw or write it down themselves on a piece of paper. Take turns guessing what you write on each other’s backs! Connect and relax!

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