Find Mindfulness in Your Life

Yoga is not just a series of poses. And it’s not just for those who are flexible.

Yoga is for everyone, no matter your ability.

It’s a practice of self-study which develops self awareness and provides coping skills to navigate and self-regulate our personal and professional lives.  

At Your Organization

Bring classes for everyone, at every level to your organization or parent group. Build your capacity to teach mindfulness to others. 

Streaming Live on Zoom

Have a group that wants to take a Bloom Yoga class? We offer group yoga classes, as well as education classes with active practice application.

On Demand

Choose from our ever-growing library of classes and short videos to build your skills to balance the stress of every day life.

Bloom Yoga Strengthening Families

+Building Resilience


+ Increasing Awareness of Child Development


+ Supporting Social Emotional Competence in Children

Strengthening Families

Yoga has been established as a global practice for calming the body and mind, or self-regulating—a key strategy for preventing and recovering from trauma. It incorporates activities such as breath awareness, mindfulness activities, meditation, relaxation, and physical postures. Across a large body of research, yoga has been linked to reductions in autonomic sympathetic activation, muscle tension, and blood pressure; decreases in adverse physical and emotional symptoms; and increases in quality of life. 

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Bloom Yoga incorporates a healing-centered and trauma-informed yoga approach which focuses on particularly relevant elements of yoga and fosters a more inclusive environment well-suited to support parents, children, and families who may be experiencing or at-risk of varying levels of stress or trauma. 

Trauma Informed Care

Bloom Yoga fosters an environment that creates the following: safety, clear and consistent boundaries, predictability, choice, strength based, acceptance, accessible, non-judgement, compassion and collaboration.  These are all essential components of Trauma Informed Care –  a commitment not to repeat traumatic experiences and, in whatever way possible, restore a sense of safety, power and worth.





Explore Classes

Yoga for Adults

Well-regulated adults help raise well-regulated children. 

Professionals and parents have the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of Bloom Yoga so you can share, model and practice mindfulness on your own.

Build your own resilience by taking time to care for yourself so you can care for others.  

Family & Caregiver Yoga

Learn to interact in positive healthy ways and manage your stress, together.

Bloom Yoga creates a space for families to connect, move, breathe, focus, rest and reflect.

Build nurturing and attachment, social and emotional development, self-regulation and coping skills as a family.

Yoga for Children & Teens

Breath awareness and mindfulness activities are essential for children to learn to navigate this increasingly stressful world. 

Bloom Yoga helps kids regulate their emotions, manage stress and learn to calm themselves. 

Play games, learn songs, engage in imaginative play, social emotional learning, self study and connect with others in fun kids yoga class!







Looking to Schedule More Than One Class?

Create a Package

Get a discount on class sessions when you buy packs focused on topics that are right for you or  your organization.

Schedule classes whenever you’re ready to bloom.

Ongoing Classes

Come here often? Ongoing classes are more cost-effective than you may think.

Sign up for a 6 months of Bloom Yoga classes and get access to discounted sessions.


Conscious Control Over Stress Responses


Build Skills to Help Regulate Nervous System in High Conflict Situations or the Courtroom


Awareness of Yourself and Your Impact on Others


Ability to Model Good Skills and Behaviors For the Families and Children You Work With


Decrease Symptoms of Secondary Trauma


Build Resilience

Learn Off the Mat

Take Classes Designed to:

      • Deepen Your Understanding of the Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness
      • Learn Tips and Techniques to Share with Others to Improve Wellness
      • Experience the Benefits of Yoga Through In-Class Practice

Bloom Yoga Is for Everyone: Promoting Protective Factors in Colorado Professionals, Caregivers, and Kids

Strengthening families requires a holistic approach. That’s why Bloom Yoga offers supportive, trauma-informed yoga for anyone who plays a part in family strengthening. That means kids, caregivers, and professionals alike!

Trauma Informed Yoga for the Child Welfare Professional

Have you ever taken a class on the importance of self-care, but never actually had the opportunity to practice what was taught?   Bloom Yoga is partnering with The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) and The Child Welfare Training System to offer a variety of...

Taking Care of Others Starts with Employee Wellness

Earlier this year, Illuminate Colorado provided these beautiful branded yoga mats to our staff to welcome in the new year. Not only did they make great gifts, but they actively promoted self-care, highlighting a growing--and important--trend in the workplace. The...

Yoga and Post-Traumatic Growth

Over the last five years, the number of children in Colorado experiencing sexual abuse has steadily risen. Seven percent of the 286,534 allegations of child maltreatment in Colorado over the last five years involved concerns of sexual abuse; 28 percent of those...

Yoga and Mindfulness: Six Benefits for Kids

Did you know that yoga is great for kids? More and more studies are showing the numerous benefits that come from yoga and mindfulness. And we’re not just talking about flexibility, although it definitely helps with that, too! Yoga for children can be powerful. The...

Bloom Yoga: Building Connection through Partner Poses

Partner Poses are a fun way to build your yoga routine at home! Kids and Teens love these poses because they are interactive and leave room for a lot of connection and laughter. Partner poses can build focus, teamwork, and empathy -- all essential skills we want to...

Engaging Teens in Yoga Practice

Making yoga relevant and fun for the kids and teens in our lives is so important.  With little exposure to quality kids and teen yoga, many teens may perceive yoga as boring. Or they might think that you have to be flexible or wear certain clothing. There are often so...

Making Physical Education Extra Meaningful: Tips for our Last Weeks of School

We all know the importance of physical education in schools.  It helps to develop motor skills, reflexes, and coordination.  It also gives children much-needed movement for their bodies during the school day and so much more.  With kids and youth currently at home for...

Yoga, Kids, and Covid-19: Proactively Managing Stress

In times of uncertainty, we—adults and caregivers—want to give our kids every tool in the box to prevent major stress responses like fight or flight, acting out, difficult behaviors and so on. We also want to give tools to alleviate stress when it occurs. Yoga as a...

Online Family Yoga Class Starting on Thursday

Starting this Thursday, May 7th, at 7pm [CLASS IS FINISHED], Bloom Yoga will be leading a weekly Family Yoga class via Zoom! Partner with your baby, toddler, and child in simple animated poses, games, art, music, and breathing exercises that help to strengthen...

Bloom With Us

Bloom Yoga offers mindfulness practices and yoga that promote self-awareness and self-management skills for adults, families, professionals and children. Join us and learn to use healing centered, trauma-informed techniques to promote growth.

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