Real parents told us what they thought of their visit with a Family Connects Colorado nurse.

The Family Connects model is an evidence-based approach to supporting all newborns and their families. By reaching all families in a community, Family Connects improves health outcomes at the population level.

The service is simple: A registered nurse visits a family’s home around 3 weeks after birth to check on parent, baby, and the whole family. There is no additional cost, and anyone with a newborn can participate, including foster, adoptive, kinship, immigrant, and refugee families.

Here’s what parents had to say:

I found our family connects meeting so helpful, informative, and supportive in this tender time as new parents. It was so nice to be able to ask questions and get answers and resources right away. Our nurse was very encouraging and supportive.”

– Margaret in Boulder County

This was such an amazing resource and was incredibly helpful as new parents. Sutay’s home visit was caring and thoughtful and full of helpful information…This is a remarkable program with wonderful people who have so much expertise, we feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity.

– Larissa & Mark in Boulder County

This is a great experience for me. It was great having someone come to my house and made the visit more personable. I felt really comfortable asking questions and talking about what was going on with myself and my newborn. It felt more like a conversation than a check up.

– Mattie in Jefferson County

Family Connects is AMAZING! We are so thankful to have this program. Our 3-week home visit with Lora was fabulous. Lora was so kind, affirming, non-judgmental, compassionate, knowledgeable, helpful and comprehensive. We discussed our baby’s health and my and my wife’s physical and emotional health. It was very reassuring to have expert eyes examine our baby (and us), and walk us through a checklist of dos, don’t and resources after 3 weeks in the wild. We learned so much and many of our anxieties were eased and questions answered. Lora’s ongoing support since that visit has been invaluable and inspiring. She is exactly the sort of person you want to come see you 3 weeks after having your baby, no matter what resources you have at your disposal, or how well or not so well things have gone. We are also taking advantage of the mental health counseling component of Family Connects, and it’s so supportive. Simply put: I can’t imagine not having Family Connects, and every family, everywhere deserves this program. Thank you!”

– Kyle in Boulder County

“Courtney did our visit and was very helpful. She encouraged me and was respectful of my choices as a mom. Loved all the goodies she brought and all the helpful resources afterward! I loved having her weigh him and look him all over to see if there were any concerns.”
– Priscilla in Jefferson County
“Family Connect has been a tremendous resource for us as parents of an our second child who was born prematurely. We took away a lot from our therapy sessions and greatly enjoy the weekly nurse visits and helpful handouts.”
– Anonymous in Boulder County
We had great experience with Lora from FamilyConnects yesterday. She provided us a lot of advice and cleared our confusions such as how frequent we should feed the baby, whether the vitamin supplements we use are sufficient, how to properly use our thermostat to measure the baby temperature, etc. As first-time parents, we do have a lot of concerns and need more reassurance to know whether we are doing it right. Talking to Laura makes us feel very comfortable and confident, especially in our home setting since it is where we spend most of the time with our newborn. Such home visit provide valuable benefits and we plan to schedule another one in the next month or so with Lora.”
– My in Boulder County
“Sutay was great. The visit was helpful and informative and connected me with great local resources to support us. Sutay connected me with Beth for some post partum counseling. Beth was amazing, helpful, understanding and empathetic. It was great having the resource to speak to a counselor. It really helped my mental health and assisted me in being a better mother and partner. Overall, I found the program really helpful as a new parent.”
Audrianna in Boulder County
“I don’t have enough words to describe the blessing this visit was. Lora was kind, patient, and endearing. She took her time and truly invested in her time with me. I felt like I learned so much, and felt so supported between not only her expertise but the resources she provided. I have told anyone who will listen about this resource and hope all moms take advantage of it.”
– Elisha in Boulder County

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