Typical Time Length

Up to 1 hour

Best For

Children & Teens – content can be adapted for younger or older children


All the elements of yoga:

    • connection
    • movement
    • breathing
    • focus
    • resting 
    • reflection

Yoga for Children & Teens

An increasing number of professionals, parents, and caregivers are recognizing that children’s yoga, breath awareness, and mindfulness activities are beneficial for well-being and mental health. Research suggests that children who practice elements of yoga are better able to regulate emotions, manage stress and calm themselves. Studies have also shown that centered, calm and focused children learn more easily, have better social skills and, in general, are happier kids!

Class Description for Children’s Yoga: Come play games, learn songs, engage in imaginative play, social emotional learning, self study and connect with others in this fun kids yoga class! We will learn all the elements of yoga: connection, movement, breathing, focus, resting and reflection.

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