National Day of Giving

Accepting donations through the end of April!

What is National Day of Giving?

As a part of Child Abuse Prevention Month, Illuminate Colorado is uniting with other Prevent Child Abuse America state chapters across the nation to amplify our shared goal of building brighter childhoods and to raise funds to support our mission.

Together, by advocating for all families to receive the resources and support they need, we are building hopeful futures for our children.

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Illuminate’s board of directors has pledged to match every donation, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000. Let’s seize this opportunity to unlock the full match, potentially doubling our impact to a total of $20,000!

  • Progress toward our $10,000 goal: 60.05% 60.05%

Dollars Raised

Match Opportunity

Thanks to a generous match offer by Illuminate’s board of directors, every donation you make through the end of April will be doubled, up to $10,000. That’s a total of $20,000! Don’t miss this chance to double your impact!

Just Released: 2023 Annual Report

With the theme of “Charting Our Course”, 2023’s annual report shows how our values and foundations serve as a guiding compass for all of our work.

Download the report to read more about some of the great progress in 2023, and don’t forget to make a donation to help keep this work going!

The Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

Thanks to the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit, all monetary donations made to Illuminate Colorado are eligible for a 50% tax credit. This means that when you donate, you can receive a substantial portion of your contribution back as a credit against your Colorado state income taxes.

It’s a win-win situation: you’re making a meaningful impact on the lives of families, while also enjoying a substantial tax benefit. Your generosity enables us to continue our vital work and create brighter childhoods for Colorado’s children.

Tax Credit Examples*

CO CCC Tax Credit
CO State Tax Savings at 4.55%
Federal Tax Savings at 24%
Out of Pocket Cost

*Assuming a 24% tax bracket and 4.55% state income tax. Situations vary by individual or family. Please check with your accountant; you may need to itemize to take advantage of these tax benefits.

Got questions? We have answers!

Recently, Illuminate Colorado’s Executive Director, Jade Woodard, and our Board of Directors sat down to discuss Colorado’s Child Care Contribution Tax Credit. We recorded a few super short videos to answer your biggest questions about the tax credit!

Donors should contact their tax advisors for advice about how the credit affects their tax picture. Information provided here is not tax advice.

More info on the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit.

Day of Giving Video Gallery

Day of Giving Videos

Double Your Donation

2023 Annual Report Release

50% Tax Credit

Generous Match Opportunity

Program Highlight Videos

Circle of Parents

Family Connects Colorado

Smart Choices, Safe Kids

Colorado Connected

To view the complete list of Illuminate’s programs and initiatives, visit our programs web page.

The Impact of Donating

  • Preventing Child Maltreatment

    Donations directly contribute to preventing child maltreatment in Colorado. This means safer environments for children and brighter childhoods for all.

  • Strengthening Families

    Donations empower all parents and caregivers with the resources and knowledge they need to build strong, resilient families. This support helps families face challenges with confidence.

  • Community Empowerment

    Your donation fosters a network of community-based assistance. Families facing adversity find the support they need within their communities, leading to a more inclusive and empowered society.

  • Investment in the Future

    Contributions are an investment in the future of our communities. When families thrive, children grow up in environments that nurture their potential, ensuring a brighter future for all.

  • Direct Services and Resources

    Donations translate into tangible resources, programs, and services for families in need. From educational workshops to direct support services, your contribution directly benefits those facing challenges.

  • Educational Outreach

    Your support enables Illuminate Colorado to conduct outreach and education initiatives, raising awareness about child maltreatment and prevention strategies. This knowledge empowers communities to play an active role in prevention.

  • Advocacy for Policy Change

    Donations support advocacy efforts for policies that prioritize the well-being and safety of children. This means your contribution has a direct impact on shaping legislation for the betterment of families.

  • Creating Brighter Childhoods

    Ultimately, your donation helps create brighter childhoods for children in Colorado. With your support, they have the foundation they need to grow, learn, and thrive.

Looking for other ways to partner with Illuminate?

Illuminate Colorado welcomes partnerships with individuals, companies, and organizations that share our vision of preventing child maltreatment and strengthening families. Check out our Partner page to learn more!

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