The Circle of Parents program offers peer support groups for anyone in a parenting and/or caregiving role. Through free group sessions, participants are provided a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space to discuss the successes and challenges of raising children; share ideas, resources, and support; and build their confidence, skills, and knowledge as caregivers. It is a friendly, supportive community led by parents and other caregivers where parents are the experts.

In Circle of Parents groups, caregivers are able to come together to share support, tips and advice or just talk. Groups are safe spaces to vent, cry, laugh, joke and find out how other parents are navigating this new world.

There are Circle of Parents groups across the state, from Cortez to Fort Collins and Grand Junction to Lamar. No matter what your parenting journey looks like, there is a group for you! In addition to general parenting groups, there are Circle communities for parents in recovery, Spanish speaking caregivers, parents of children with special needs, and more.

But, as all Coloradans know, our state is vast and largely rural. And while Illuminate’s Circle of Parents team is working diligently with caregivers across the state to launch, foster, and grow groups in every community, it is a tall order.

That’s why the Circle of Parents team set out to find a way to make a group available to every caregiver in Colorado, regardless of how far away they live from a group.

We are excited to announce the newest Circle of Parents group will be hosted virtually and open to caregivers from every corner of Colorado!

Here are the details: 

What: Colorado Statewide Circle of Parents group

When: Every Thursday at noon, starting July 11th!

Where: Zoom –

Join us next Thursday as we all navigate the peaks and valleys of parenthood together!


Contact Trisha Halencak, Circle of Parents General Program Manager

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