This November, Coloradans headed to the polls to vote on state and local ballot issues that impact families. Proposition ii passed, enabling Colorado to retain tax revenue for Universal Pre-K. Proposition HH failed, maintaining Colorado’s current tax structure. Governor Jared Polis initiated a special legislative session to consider funding set aside for Prop HH and a newly available federal funding stream that would strengthen families through concrete food and nutrition support.

Voters Supported Retaining Tax Revenue for Universal Pre-K

Colorado voters overwhelmingly voted in support of Prop ii, which will enable Colorado to retain $23.65 million in collected tax revenue to fund Universal Pre-K (UPK) and maintain current tax rates on nicotine and tobacco products to continue funding this program. Illuminate is proud to support Prop ii, which promotes healthy child development by increasing access to high-quality experiences and loving relationships by retaining funding for UPK. Funding retained through Prop ii will be utilized to continue the important work that was approved by voters through Prop EE in 2020 to build a universal preschool system. Illuminate is grateful to Colorado voters for prioritizing public investment in UPK and to the early childhood advocates who led this work. For more information on why Illuminate supports Prop ii, visit our pre-election blog.

Proposition HH Failed to Pass

Coloradans voted in opposition of Proposition HH, a ballot measure that, among other provisions, would have lowered property taxes and temporarily raised the TABOR cap. This ballot measure failed, maintaining Colorado’s current tax structure.

Legislators Will Address Property Taxes and Summer Food and Nutrition Support in a Special Session

During the 2023 regular legislative session, Colorado legislators voted to set aside $200 million for property tax relief, which would have been utilized upon the passage of Prop HH. Due to the failure of this ballot measure, Governor Jared Polis signed an executive order on November 9th to hold a special session that will begin on Friday, November 17th. During this special session, Colorado legislators must address specific, time-sensitive issues clearly named in the executive order, including:

    • Immediate, one-time property tax relief
    • Utilization of newly available federal funds to provide food and nutrition support to Colorado children during the summer of 2024

Learn More about Ballot Measures and Election Results in Your Region

In addition to statewide ballot measures, Coloradans voted on many local issues that impact children and families, including school board elections, affordable housing measures, and more. Visit the Secretary of State’s election results webpage to view results in your area.

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