Typical Time Length

Up to 1 hour

Best For

Children, Teenagers, Parents & Caregivers


All the elements of yoga:

    • connection
    • movement
    • breathing
    • focus
    • resting 
    • reflection

Family & Caregiver Yoga

Family & Caregiver yoga focuses on positively impacting family functioning and resilience, nurturing and attachment, social and emotional development, self-regulation, coping skills and awareness. Yoga is a natural environment to promote and teach caregivers and children ways to interact in a positive healthy way, as well as how to respond and interact during times of stress.

Bloom Yoga incorporates five main elements for family and children’s classes to promote an all-inclusive environment: connect, move, breathe, focus and rest and reflect. With these five elements of a yoga class we are able to teach skills for prevention of stress, as well as skills for response to stress.

Class Description for Caregiver & Me Yoga: Partner with your baby/toddler/child in simple animated poses, games, art, music and breathing exercises that help to strengthen coordination and build body awareness. We’ll moo in cow pose, hiss in cobra pose, and flutter our wings in butterfly while we take a yoga journey that your child will never forget! We will explore some co-poses as well! This fun class provides key bonding methods between caregiver and child, while strengthening their growing muscles.

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