Illuminate Colorado provided public comment in the form of a statement this week in response to a Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) proposed changes in rule regarding “verification of eligible status,” published in the Federal Register on May 10, 2019 (RIN 2501-AD89; HUD Docket No. FR-6124-P-01). The proposed rule changes would decrease housing stability for children and their families, which has a negative impact on multiple dimensions of child well-being.

Illuminate Colorado knows that secure housing is foundational to child well-being and we must ensure that every child and family has a safe, stable place to call home. By maintaining policies that build protective factors in families, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of child maltreatment and strengthen resilience in families identified as being at higher risk. Family stability is a protective factor and is crucial to the healthy social emotional development of children.

We appreciate the opportunity to comment on the proposed rule and urge HUD to withdraw the proposed rule in its entirety, and keep HUD’s long-standing regulations in effect.

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