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Access to child care is critical for all parents and caregivers in order for children, families and communities to thrive. When families struggling to manage life’s challenges and the demands of raising children are also faced with the challenge of finding high quality child care, it can stand in the way of strengthening families. 

The early years of life – from belly to age eight – are very important for learning and development. That’s because during the first few years, children’s brains are developing fast. In fact, more than one million new brain connections form every second! Because of this, the experiences and relationships that young children have in the early years can impact them for life. 

Before a parent can begin to address any complex issue impacting their family, like mental health concerns, substance use disorders, or employment challenges, they are too often faced, first, with struggling to find child care. 

Illuminating Child Care provides an innovative systemic-approach to increasing access to child care for parents and caregivers navigating complex life situations as they seek to strengthen their families.

We embrace our collective responsibility to outreach to parents, caregivers, community-based organizations and businesses to promote safe care-giving and high-quality child care because we know parents trying to navigate challenging situations need a community’s help to shine a light on tools in their tool box to strengthen their families.

Need Child Care? Illuminating Child Care heavily promotes the Colorado Shines Child Care Resource & Referral Line at Mile High United Way, one of the best tools in a families toolbox for building strong families.

This resource offers families one-on-one support to find licensed, quality child care.

No Judgement here. Choosing a safe caregiver in a world of limited options or making a plan to keep your kids safe when considering using a substance while taking care of a child are real parts of parenting for many people.

We created to promote more information to guide us all through the choices we have to make at every age and stage of life to keep kids safe.

Sometimes the answers don’t come easy, especially when communities and families are under-resourced.

Illuminating Child Care partners with community-based nonprofits, local substance use disorder treatment providers and government agencies to provide personalized navigation for their clientele to find child care. Our staff will answer questions and talk directly with parents to help them find child care and connect with resources in the community.

Every parent that steps onto one of our Illuminating Child Care classrooms wants the best for their child. Whether a child is at home with a parent or caregiver or with our trained professionals in an on-site child care classroom, it’s important that children are always with caring adults who ensure they are safe and able to participate in a variety of activities that help them learn.

Our child care teachers help infants and toddlers learn and grow, providing drop-in care in a renovated RV classroom on-site in where parents are getting the support that they need to strengthen their families.

Illuminating Child Care classrooms are in the Denver metro area, San Luis Valley, Pueblo and Fremont county communities. We’re partnering with community partners to offer FREE child care on-site where parents and care givers are working to address complex issues impacting their family, like mental health concerns, substance use disorders or employment challenges.

Illuminate Colorado to receive $630,000 Contract For Innovative Child Care Pilot at Addiction Treatment Services Programs

Open Minds reports today, Illuminate Colorado Awarded $430,000 Contract For Addiction Treatment Pilot Program, ultimately the final total contract amount will be just under $630,000. “We are very excited to continue to advance innovative child care services in...

No Judgement Here, Just Three Simple Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves to Keep Their Kids Safe

NO JUDGEMENT HERE, IT MAY BE A PART OF HOW YOU MANAGE YOUR STRESS, JUST REMEMBER TO ASK YOURSELF THESE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. Stress is running high in many houses. We’re trying to anticipate what is happening with the new school year in the fall, while figuring out how...

We never anticipated this reaction to our first mobile child care classroom.

  Less than two weeks ago, as nearly one hundred donors and supporters of Illuminate Colorado signed up to get a sneak peek at our first mobile child care classroom, we could never had anticipated Colorado State Senator Brittany Pettersen's reaction.Illuminate...

Innovation Through Partnership: Creating “Honey”

We know that access to child care is critical for all parents and caregivers in order for children, families and communities to thrive. So it was fairly easy to recognize the need for a mobile child care classroom to serve Colorado families when they need it the most....

The Positive Impact of Child Care For Parents Is as Sweet as Honey

Illuminating Child Care isn’t just delivering a service that is the foundation to all thriving economies by providing child care. It’s a program tearing down barriers, meeting parents where they are at and allowing families to grow stronger together. We sat down to...

The Importance of Building Teacher-Child Relationships

Imagine this scenario: A parent drops off their sleeping child at Illuminating Child Care. The teacher and parent transition the child successfully without waking her up.  A few minutes later, the child starts to wake up, noticing that the environment is different and...

A Beginner’s Guide to Teaching Your Child Baby Sign Language

Have you found yourself unsure of what your baby wants or needs? Baby sign language can help you and your baby communicate before they start talking.  What is Baby Sign Language? Baby sign language refers to the use of a limited vocabulary of modified gestures from...

Learning Through Imaginative Play: Following the Lead of the Child

“Hi Declan, how are you doing today?” Madison Clay, the Illuminating Child Care mobile classroom early childhood lead teacher, greets the almost three year old as he enters the classroom. He answers “I’m fine,” walks over to the shelf, and grabs the colorful 3D...

Promoting Focused Eye-Hand Coordination

A picture is worth a thousand words! However, focused eye-hand coordination are the four words that come to my mind when I look at this photograph. This picture captures a baby focusing on the objects in front of her and then reaching out for them--a perfect example...

Illuminating Child Care is Expanding to the San Luis Valley

Over the course of the next couple of months, the Early Childhood Council of the San Luis Valley is taking Acorn - Illuminate's newest renovated RV providing on-site child care - on a tour of the San Luis Valley, stopping at locations that are helping to strengthen...

Getting support from community programs help children and families heal from the negative effects of trauma, stress and hardship, ensuring that children who experience adversity can get back on track and achieve their full potential.

Our job is to support parents as you build your resilience.  When a community is there for parents at the right time, with the right support, these positive experiences can help families manage stress and cope with the tough times.

That is what Illuminating Child Care is all about. 


Help Strengthen Families & Communities

We all share a responsibility to ensure that children have the opportunity to reach their full potential. 


Learn About Our Work

Our children are our future employees, leaders and neighbors. No matter where they live, children need high-quality experiences and loving relationships to support healthy development.

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