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A Colorado where all families, providers, organizations, and policymakers have knowledge, resources and support for infant safe sleep practices.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Colorado Infant Safe Sleep Partnership (ISSP) is to support families, providers, organizations and policymakers to increase infant safe sleep practices and address related barriers and disparities through education, practice change and systems improvement. 

Who We Are

The Infant Safe Sleep Partnership members include public health and human services professionals, health care providers and community organization and nonprofit representatives.

Illuminate Colorado is able to support the work of the ISSP thanks to funding from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. 

Our Values

The ISSP commits to cultivating practices and projects that are:

  • Inclusive
  • Equitable
  • Collaborative
  • Consensus-informed
  • Evidence and research informed
  • Culturally responsive
  • Non-stigmatizing
  • Respectful of families’ choices
About Safe Sleep

Learn more about safe sleep to raise awareness, engage in public education campaigns and promote positive community norms to create safe sleep for every baby everywhere. 


The ISSP acknowledges that systemic disparities and inequities impact experiences and outcomes related to infant safe sleep practices.

We recognize that infant safe sleep practices are impacted by sleep and feeding culture and may be impacted by systemic factors such as economic security, physical and behavioral health access, transportation access, systemic/historical racism, housing and immigration status.

Thus, the work of the ISSP must be approached with cultural humility and responsiveness, anti-racism, and an understanding of the systemic disparities that impact safe sleep practices.

Priority Areas

The ISSP is focused on working collaboratively with families, providers and other community stakeholders to address three priority areas.


The ISSP Strategic Plan provides more information on these priorities and the work beginning in 2021.



Develop culturallyresponsive public awareness and educational campaigns collaboratively with families and communitybased organizations.


Practice Change

Design and implement Quality Improvement initiatives based in hospitals and provider education opportunities simultaneously.


Systems Improvement

Work in constant partnership with community organizations to address systemic issues that may impact safe sleep practices including:

  • economic security,
  • physical and behavioral health access,
  • transportation access,
  • systemic/historical racism,
  • housing and
  • immigration status.


The ISSP is actively seeking participation from a wide variety of communities committed to increasing infant safe sleep practices and address related barriers and disparities.

Families and Caregivers

Rural and Frontier Communities

BIPOC Communities

 Advocacy Organizations

Early Childhood Councils

Family Child Care Associations


Child Care Providers

Breastfeeding Experts & Groups

Community Advocacy Groups



Birthing Centers


Public Health Nurses



Midwives including
Home Birth Midwives


Get Involved

The Infant Safe Sleep Partnership meets virtually on a bimonthly basis on the second Monday of every other month, from 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM.

Subscribe to get email updates from the ISSP, as well as Crib Conversations, a bimonthly safe sleep newsletter.


Backbone Support

Illuminate Colorado Strategic Initiatives team provides backbone support for the Infant Safe Sleep Partnership.

After you sign up to become an active member, we will reach out with more information to get you everything you need to get involved.


Contact Cristina Bejarano, Director of Strategic Initiatives

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Community Education & Awareness

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