The Strengthening Colorado Families and Communities Conference is just over one month away, and we are so excited to hear Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler’s inspiring keynote presentation about navigating the complexities of equity, inclusion and diversity in uncertain times.

Dr. Mosby Tyler is the founder and chief catalyst of The Equity Project, which creates spaces in organizations for all people to be called into the conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion work and guides them in making a concrete plan to implement strategies to fight for equity.

The Equity Project describes equity as construction work: “It calls for a commitment to deeply evaluate your own systems and determine what in those systems needs to be removed, reimagined or redesigned. In doing this, you create systems where everyone has exactly what they need to thrive in the system.”

As professionals who work with children and families, Dr. Mosby Tyler calls us not just to flourish in times of change, the theme of this year’s conference, but to ensure that everyone can flourish at all times.  

Many of us feel tired, whether from the pandemic, diversity fatigue, social unrest, or any of the numerous day-to-day challenges we face. But, Dr. Mosby Tyler reminds us, equity work requires everyone–even if we are tired, or even if we don’t feel like its our place to get involved.

Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler

Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler

Founder and Chief Catalyst, The Equity Project

Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler specializes in the development and delivery of equity, leadership, diversity, cultural responsiveness, and inclusiveness training programs and strategies. In addition to founding The Equity Project, she is also the founder of The HR Shop, a human resources firm designed to support nonprofits and small organizations. 


In her TEDxMileHigh talk, Dr. Mosby Tyler said, “[Equity] is collective work, and it requires everyone to be all in. . . .To win the fight for equity, we all need to speak up, and stand up, and we will all need to do that even when it’s hard, and even when we feel out of place. . . Justice counts on all of us.”

Dr. Mosby Tyler also acknowledges that navigating the complexities of diversity, equity and inclusion is an ongoing process. In an interview with 9News, she recounted that early in her career, she decided to go by “Nita” to sidestep biases that those in corporate America might have based only on hearing her name. For decades, she went by “Nita,” but she decided to use “Dwinita” again in 2019, knowing how much the name meant to her mother. This is just one example of the way she lives out the concept that the fight for equity requires everyone to engage in this work every day–both in our personal lives or our professional lives.


What if Black and Native American people stood in front of immigration issues? Or, what if white people led the charge to end racism? Or, what if men led the charge on pay equity for women? Or, what if heterosexual people stood in front of LGBTQ issues? And, what if able-bodied people advocated for people living with disabilites? You know, we can stand up for issues, weigh in, and advocate even when it seems like the issue has nothing to do with us.

Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler

Tell Me More About the Keynote Presentation

Dr. Mosby Tyler’s keynote is titled “Equity is our North Star”:

This keynote takes participants on a journey of “deconstructing” the real meaning of equity, inclusivity, and diversity –and how these concepts show up in the workplace. We will explore the ways in which seemingly small decisions in the office can have significant and meaningful impact within an organization. This keynote is designed to inspire and energize participants to leverage their skills as both leaders and colleagues in the journey to create more equitable workplaces.

To hear Dr. Mosby Tyler’s keynote or to attend any of our fantastic breakout sessions, join us September 19-21 in Pueblo, CO.

Hear More from Dr. Mosby Tyler

What if white people led the charge to end racism?

Diversity fatigue is real: people of color are tired of leading the fight. White allies are tired of being told they’re doing it wrong. No wonder we don’t have equity yet! In this inspiring talk, Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler explains why we need “unlikely allies” in the fight for justice, and why people who are experiencing inequality first hand must be willing to accept the help.

About the Conference

The Strengthening Colorado Families and Communities Conference is a biennial event and is a joint collaboration across the family support continuum, from prevention and public health through restoration and child welfare. 

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