Special Thanks

Illuminate Colorado extends our deepest gratitude to Marilyn Fausset and other members of the SuPPoRT Colorado FASD Workgroup for volunteering to create the initial list of providers equipped to diagnose under the FASD umbrella.


If you know of other providers in Colorado who diagnose FASD or if you have questions or comments about this list, contact us.

Kelli Sutton, Strategic Initatives Manager


Why get a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder diagnosis?

Getting a diagnosis of a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) for yourself, your child or loved one can result in additional support to thrive into adulthood, like developmental disability services or educational services.

It can often be difficult for families to find a provider in Colorado equipped to make an FASD diagnosis.

FASD 101

Learn the basics about FASDs–and educate others–with a presentation slide deck from SuPPoRT Colorado‘s Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Work Group.

About This List - Disclaimer & Release of Liability

Illuminate Colorado cannot guarantee that visiting any of the listed providers will guarantee a diagnosis under the FASD Umbrella.

This list is in random order and not comprehensive. It was prepared in good faith by the SEN FASD Work Group based on answers to a standard set of questions.

Unless noted, providers have agreed to be listed and stated they are knowledgeable about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and able to diagnose.

Illuminate Colorado neither recommends these providers nor guarantees that details are correct or up to date.

Conversation Recommendations

The following is recommended by families impacted by FASD:

  • Question any evaluating providers if you suspect an FASD.
  • Ask if they are able and willing to give or rule out a diagnosis related to fetal alcohol exposure. If they are not, find another provider.
  • State that a diagnosis is important to qualify a person for developmental disability services in Colorado. It may also be helpful for receiving educational services.
  • Let the provider know you are looking for a formal diagnosis.
Colorado Providers Equipped to Diagnose Under the FASD Umbrella

To support families impacted by FASD, the following list of providers have agreed to be listed and stated they are knowledgeable about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and able to diagnose.


Clinic/Hospital/Private Practice: Insights CO Assessment and Therapy

Type of Professional: Two doctors own and diagnose.

Location: 1658 York Street, Denver, CO 80206

Phone Number: 303.935.5307

Website: https://www.insightsdenver.com

Type of Testing: Hoyme or 4-Digit Code. Administer the Vineland for adaptive score

Insurance Accepted: See website. Medicaid, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser

Cost Range: Approx. $2,000

Length of Waitlist: 3-4 months

Length of Time to Test: Usually involves two visits, takes approximately 3 hours

Additional Notes: Children (18 months and up) and adults

Dr. David Kalis, Ph.D.

Clinic/Hospital/Private Practice: Kalis & Associates

Type of Professional: Ph.D., LCSW

Location: Suite 200 357 S. McCaslin Blvd., Louisville, CO 80027

Phone Number: (303) 482-7041 

Type of Testing: Has used DSM-5. Administers the Vineland for adaptive functioning score.

Insurance Accepted: Medicaid. Ask re private insurance. Pre-approval may be needed. He can provide a form to be submitted to insurance.

Cost Range: Approx. $1,250

Length of Waitlist: About 1 – 2 months

Length of Time to Test: Usually takes 2-3 sessions 

Additional Notes: He often works with the courts.

Kaiser Permanente

Clinic/Hospital/Private Practice: Various. Kaiser said that they will find members a provider who can diagnose. Kaiser members only.

Location: Various locations in CO

Phone Number: Only Kaiser members can obtain info using their plan. 

Type of Testing: Unknown

Insurance Accepted: Kaiser

Cost Range: Unknown

Length of Waitlist/Time to Test: Unknown

Willing to be added to list: Unknown

Dr. Nicole Crawford, Ph.D

Clinic/Hospital Name/Private Practice: Neuroeducational Assessment Services

Location: 2021 Battlecreek Drive, Suite A, Fort Collins, CO 80528

Type of Professional: Clinical and school psychologist, trained in neuropsych testing

Phone Number: 970.576.1097

Type of Testing: Uses DSM-5 , tests for adaptive skills

Insurance Accepted: None, is in process of signing up to accept Medicaid

Type of testing Cost Range: Varies, approx. $2,500 re FASD

Length of Waitlist: About 2 months

Length of Time to Test: Evaluation is about 8 hours.

Additional Notes:

Dr. Jim Baroffio

Clinic/Hospital/Private Practice: Office of Dr. Jim Baroffio, PC & Associates

Location: 5655 S. Yosemite St., Suite 109, Greenwood Village 80111 (Arapahoe County)

Phone Number: 303.706.9722

Website: https://www.drjimbaroffio.com/about-us.html

Type of Testing: Has used the DSM-5, Uses SIB-R, Works with Developmental Pathways, which is Arapahoe County Community-centered Board (CCB)

Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Anthem, may not accept Medicaid

Cost Range: $250 and up

Length of Waitlist: Typically 2 weeks

Length of Time to Test: Takes 3 hours or longer to test for FASD

Additional Notes: 

  • Bess Teeters is an FASD aware therapist in this office.
  • Often works with Child Protection and Adult Protective Services in Arapahoe County, also the Office of Human Services and Child Custody
Dr. Michele L. Gerard, Ph.D

Clinic/Hospital/Private Practice: In private practice

Type of Professional: Clinical Neuropsychologist

Location: 1942 Broadway, Suite 314, Boulder, CO 80302

Phone Number: 303-939-9650

Website: www.michelegerardphd.com

Type of Testing: Has used DSM-5. Evaluates in three tiers: psychological, accommodation eval, Neuropsych. Tests for adaptive skills.

Insurance Accepted: Out-of-network provider, will provide a “super bill” to submit to insurance company

Cost Range: $7,000 – $8,000 (includes Intervention-based evaluation, with treatment plan and detailed diagnosis)

Length of Waitlist: About 4 weeks

Length of Time to Test: Minimum of 8 session, 2 hour each. Approx. 8–10 weeks to obtain diagnosis.

Additional Notes: Familiar with international adoption

Dr. Shannon Murphy

Clinic/Hospital Name/Private Practice: Western Colorado Pediatric Clinic

Type of Professional: Pediatric MD

Location: 3150 N 12th St., Grand Junction, CO

Phone Number: 970-243-5437

Website: www.westerncoloradopediatricassociates.com

Type of testing: Diagnoses based on DSM criteria, will consult a neuropsychologist in some challenging, questionable cases.

Insurance Accepted: Most. See website.

Cost Range: Inquire.

Length of Waitlist: No waitlist

Length of Time to Test: Varies. She often acts as the primary care physician.

Additional Notes: 20 providers are at this clinic; several are knowledgeable about FASD

Dr. Nicole Hipp

Clinic/Hospital Name/Private Practice: Collegiate Coaching Services, Private practice

Type of Professional: Clinical neuropsychologist, PhD.

Location: 2299 Pearl Street, Suite 310, Boulder, CO 80302

Phone Number: 303-635-6753

Website: https://collegiatecoachingservices.com/

Type of testing: DSM-5, also Wechsler academic, neuropsych, Adaptive Behavior Assessment instead of Vineland

Insurance Accepted: Does not accept Medicaid; may accept UnitedHealthcare and Cigna; if out of network will supply “superbill,” work with flexible spending accounts

Cost Range: $2500 – 3000, including report

Length of Waitlist: None, takes 2 weeks to 1 month for appt.

Length of time to test: Usually two session, 2-3 hours each

Additional Notes: 

  • Practice has been around for 10 years
  • Practice specialize in adolescents and young adults, may expand to 12 and older
  • Practice includes counselors familiar with FASD and offers coaching re executive function
  • Some sessions can be telehealth.
  • Also tests for autism (ADOS test) and does counseling re video game addiction
Dr. Samantha Mann, Psy.D

Clinic/Hospital Name/Private Practice: NeuroWorks

Type of Professional: Neuropsychologist

Location: 255 Canyon Blvd., Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80302

Phone Number: 410-746-9227

Website: https://www.neuroworks.net/

Type of testing: DSM-5, ICD-10, uses ABAS-3 to assess adaptive behavior

Insurance Accepted: None, but will complete “superbill” to submit to insurance co.

Cost Range: Approx. $2500

Length of Waitlist: About 2 months

Length of Time to Test: Typically one full day, may be split into two sessions. About two-week turnaround for results.

Additional Notes: 

  • Works with adults 18 and over
  • Other tests: Cognitive, executive functioning, ASD and emotional issues
Dr. Thomas Weir, PsyD

Clinic/Hospital Name/Private Practice: Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic

Type of Professional: Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in the treatment of adolescents and adults as well as psychological, psycho-educational, and neuropsychological evaluations

Location: Fairmont Health Park, PCP Building, 3150 North 12th Street, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Phone Number: (970) 242-5707

Website: https://www.bhwgj.com/

Type of testing: Unknown

Insurance Accepted: Unknown. Check website

Cost Range: Unknown

Length of Waitlist: Unknown

Length of Time to Test: Unknown

Willing to be added to list: Unknown

Additional Notes: His office reported that he will do a neuropsych eval for FASD as long as the patient is over 5 year of age. He will then recommend a treatment plan.

Children's Hospital Colorado

Clinic/Hospital/Private Practice: Children’s Hospital Colorado Developmental Pediatrics Dept.

Type of Professional: Ask for a Developmental Pediatrician to do the evaluation.

Location: 13123 E. 16th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80045

Phone Number: 720-777-6630

Website: www.childrenscolorado.org/doctors-and-departments/departments/neuroscience-institute/programs/developmental-pediatrics

Type of testing: DSM-5, Vineland for adaptive skills

Insurance Accepted: Most, including Medicaid

Cost Range: Varies. Call 720-777-0720 for a cost estimate.

Length of Waitlist: Usually 6 – 9 months, but varies

Length of Time to Test: Approx. 2-4 hours

Additional Notes: 

  • Will evaluate all ages, including adults
  • Not all staff are familiar with FASD. Developmental pediatricians are FASD aware.
  • Sara Mattie, LCSW, Developmental Pediatrics, provided information, is FASD aware.
Summit - Dr. Bri Makofske and Dr. Rachel Toplis

Clinic/Hospital/Private Practice: Summit Psychological Assessment and Consultation

Type of Professional: PhDs, licensed psychologists and licensed school psychologists

Location: 7710 N. Union Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Phone: 719-641-3748, 719-235-7104

Website: www.summitpac.net

Type of Testing: DSM-5, ICD-10, Vineland and ABAS for adaptive skills, neuro-educational testing services and therapy for children and adolescents include cognitive, social/emotional, achievement, executive functioning, learning disabilities, autism.

Insurance Accepted: None, but will provide a superbill to submit to insurance

Cost Range:  Approximately $3500 for evaluation, feedback session, and report

Length of Waitlist: None

Length of Time to Test: 4 – 6 weeks, usually 4-6 sessions of 2 hours each

Additional Notes: 

  • 18 months – 25 years old
  • Teach self-regulation strategies
  • Consult re interventions and supports in a school setting
Dr. Michael Brinker (CSU)

Clinic/Hospital/Private Practice: Psychological Services Center at Colorado State University

Type of Professional: PhD, psychologist

Location: Sage Hall, 1612 Campus Deliver, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523

Phone: 970-491-5212

Website: https://psychology.colostate.edu/psc/

Type of Testing: DSM-5, Vineland and ABAS, neuropsychological testing

Insurance Accepted: Medicaid, hoping to take private insurance soon, can provide superbill to submit

Cost Range: $1500, have sliding scale3

Length of Waitlist: Varies

Length of Time to Test: Usually about one month for Intake plus two sessions, with feedback and report

Additional Notes: 

  • All ages including adults
  • Also associated with University of Colorado School of Medicine at Colorado State University, opening fall of 2021
Dr. Helena Huckabee (Emerge Professionals)

Clinic/Hospital/Private Practice: Emerge Professionals

Type of Professional: Dr. Helena Huckabee, founder, is a Pediatric Neuropsychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D). Other psychologists work on evaluations.

Location: 400 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 860, Denver, CO 80246 (Glendale)

Phone: 303-322-9000

Website: https://emergeprofessionals.com/

Type of Testing: Vineland, DSM-5, 4-digit method

Insurance Accepted: None for evaluations, which are on self-pay basis. Accepts insurance for other services.

Cost Range: $1,600 – $3,000

Length of Waitlist: None. Appointments can be made 1-month out.

Length of Time to Test: Typically 1-3 evaluation sessions, 3-hour sessions, feedback session

Additional Notes: 

  • Children and adults
  • Also do psychoeducational evaluations
  • Focus on autism, offer Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Staff of several psychologists: three PhD psychologists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Colorado Center for Assessment & Counseling

Clinic/Hospital/Private Practice: Colorado Center for Assessment & Counseling

Type of Professional: Dr. Jeremy Sharp, PhD, is the licensed psychologist

Location: 3500 John F. Kennedy Pkwy, Suite 200, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

Phone: (970) 889-8204

Website: https://www.coloradocac.com/

Type of Testing: Comprehensive evaluations including ABAS or Vineland, DSM-5

Insurance Accepted: Medicaid (inquire re specifics for this area of CO), most other insurance

Cost Range: $1200 – $1600

Length of Waitlist: 6 months

Length of Time to Test: 3 appointments over 2 months

Additional Notes: 

  • Ages: 30 months to adults
  • Michael Brinker (see above) is associated with this clinic.
  • Offers counseling from several staff professionals
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