Earlier this month, Illuminate kicked off Parent Leadership Month by talking about what parent leadership is, and why parent leaders are integral to strong communities. This week, we look to recognize outstanding Parent Leads from Circle of Parents groups across Colorado. Join us!

All too often, parents feel inadequate or unsure of themselves as leaders in their family and community.

That is why it is so important to recognize when parents make strides to grow their leadership skills, which is no small feat. This year, for the first time, Circle of Parents is recognizing outstanding Parent Leads from groups throughout Colorado. These Parent Leads, nominated by group facilitators, have consistently contributed to their group, displayed strong boundaries, provided support to the functioning of their group, and built strong and supportive relationships with other group members. These parents not only contribute to the amazing communities that Circle of Parents groups are known for, but also help other parents to build their leadership skills, leading to stronger families and stronger communities. 

Meet the Parent Leads Being Recognized this Year:

Dawn Heller

Jeffco and Statewide Circle of Parents Groups

Allie Bettin Ruvalcaba

Family & Intercultural Resource Center Circle of Parents

Amanda O’Connor

Piñon Project Circle of Parents

Jim Biggs

Piñon Project Circle of Parents

Lupita Cardoza

Sister Carmen Circle of Parents

Heidi Rondon

Statewide Circle of Parents

Heidi Ayammel

Shiloh House Circle of Parents

Want to Learn More About Becoming A Parent Lead?

Contact Toni Miner

Circle of Parents Program Manager


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