Every election is an opportunity to shape our communities, and the 2021 election is no different. While there are no people on the ballot, there are a number of state and local financial issues that will impact the lives of Colorado kids and families. 

The 2021 election is on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Voting is our chance to stand up for our families and our communities, and we ALL deserve to have our voices heard this election season.

By now, you likely have already received your ballot by mail. However, if you’re not registered to vote or haven’t seen your ballot yet, it’s not too late! Check out Go Vote Colorado to register to vote, check your registration, and more. You can also find information specific to your county here.

Here are some key dates in Colorado: 

    • Now through November 2 – Drop boxes are available and polling centers are open across the state. 
    • Tuesday, October 26 – If you haven’t mailed your ballot by this day, then plan to drop it off in a ballot box or head to a polling center instead.
    • Tuesday, November 2 – Election Day! Polls will be open 7am-7pm.

In Colorado, you can register to vote and vote in person up to 7pm on Election Day. If you filled your ballot out at home, be sure to turn it in at a dropbox by 7pm!

Voting lets us weigh in on the issues that are most important to us. Be a role model for your community and vote! 

Need more information before you fill out your ballot?

If you’re looking for the 2021 Blue Book, you can find it: 

And, to learn more about how 2021 ballot measures impact kids and families, check out the Colorado Children’s Campaign Voter Guide.

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