We invite you,

right here,

to take one hand on your heart,

and one on your belly.

Can you feel your breath in your hands? Perhaps this is the first time you have paid attention to your breath all day?  What does it feel like to just take a few breaths in the middle of reading this blog?

With all the stress over the current COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders, stress regulation and coping skills are in high demand (almost as much as toilet paper!). The continuous news and rules about social distancing make it hard to find balance, as many of our coping skills and stress modifications include human interaction and connection

Illuminate Colorado is continuing to focus on what we know is best, strengthening families, and expanding services during this time of need.

This is the perfect time to encourage EVERYONE to join Illuminate Colorado Bloom Yoga.

Sarah Crisafi, Bloom Yoga instructor and program manager, is providing FREE children’s and family yoga on the Illuminate Colorado YouTube channel and on Facebook Live during this crisis. There will be daily yoga tips for caregivers, ideas for you to bring to your children in times of stress, as well as full class resources. Several videos on yoga breathing techniques have already been posted!

Yoga builds our ability to self-regulate, manage stress and build social connection with one another, even if it is through technology right now.

Studies show that centered, calm and focused children learn more easily, have better social skills, and in general, are HAPPIER KIDS! 

In addition to the many anecdotal benefits of yoga and mindfulness-based practices for children reported by parents and professionals, a growing amount of scientific evidence suggests that children who practice elements of yoga are better able to regulate emotions, manage stress, and calm themselves.  

That is why an increasing number of professionals, parents and caregivers are recognizing that yoga, breath awareness and mindfulness activities are beneficial to the well-being and mental health of children, as well as ourselves.  

Yoga and mindfulness practices promote self-awareness and self-management skills. The basis of this is social emotional learning, which is one of five Protective Factors for children.

Given the impact that yoga practices can have on all three tiers of prevention of child abuse, we are so excited to have Bloom Yoga as an official program of Illuminate Colorado.

This innovative approach serves not only the child, but everyone else surrounding the child.

Bloom Yoga aims to bring yoga to children, families, and professionals.  We know that a well-regulated adult will help to create a well-regulated CHILD.  

 We believe that giving the child welfare professional these skills and tools will benefit their work with their families, and ultimately the CHILD.  

 We believe that giving the parents tools to manage feelings and stress will ultimately impact the CHILD.  

 We believe that giving tools directly to the children and youth in our community could make a huge impact on their life and eventually in the way they parent their own CHILDREN.  

Bloom Yoga currently teaches classes for human services, criminal justice systems, education systems, Circle of Parents, Pranatonic Yoga and Wellness, Boys and Girls Clubs Denver, and has been featured in the TEDx Adventure Series “Child’s Pose-Trauma-Informed Yoga for Children”.


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