Throughout September, we have explored some of the ways we can support families impacted by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), including things you can learn, be, do, and say.

This week, as we look back on all the work we’ve done, we will also look ahead to what we can do and share throughout the year to support individuals and families impacted by FASD across the state.

Educational Resources

Increased support for families impacted by FASD is rooted in every community member being educated on the effects of alcohol exposure during pregnancy and the basics of FASD. Do your part by getting educated and encouraging your networks to join you.

SuPPoRT Colorado is a coalition with the goal of reducing the number of families impacted by substance use during pregnancy and providing multigenerational support for families to thrive. Recently, the FASD Work Group of SuPPoRT Colorado completed a training slide presentation about FASDs.

Learn more about the effects of alcohol during pregnancy, FASD basics, and support options for families.

Explore this slide deck developed by SuPPoRT Colorado.

Receive the FASD training, presented by the FASD Work Group!

The training can be modified for any audience. For more information or to schedule a training, reach out to Cristina Bejarano at

The SuPPoRT Colorado FASD Work Group

The FASD Work Group, a subgroup of SuPPoRT Colorado, convenes to discuss ways we can better support families impacted by FASD. 

The FASD Work Group is always looking for new members with lived experience to join and provide their valuable insight. 

Interested?  Join the Work Group today.

FASD Diagnoses

Getting a diagnosis of a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) can result in additional support, like developmental disability services or educational services, but it can be difficult for families to find a provider in Colorado equipped to make an FASD diagnosis. That’s why we created a list of providers equipped to diagnose under the FASD umbrella. We also provide information for FASD-informed behavioral health care providers.

Social Connection for Parents of Children with FASD

Families impacted by FASD face unique challenges, and support from others who have had similar experiences can make all the difference. Join this Facebook group where parents and caregivers can share and learn from each other in a non-judgmental space. Also, check out their weekly online support group.

Get Caught Up on All Things FASD Awareness Month!

Check out our FASD Awareness Month information hub.

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