It’s hard out there for a parent. Whether you are trying to learn all the developmental milestones, navigating pick ups and drop offs or watching your teenager navigate the trials and tribulations of high school, it is stressful. But, if you know someone raising a human in this world, you have the power to make it so much easier.

Today is National #RandomActsofKindnessDay. We put together a short list of ten things you can do to help strengthen families in Colorado.

  1. Offer to take the shopping cart back when you see someone with a child unloading groceries.
  2. Give a supportive smile to the parent who just had to discipline their kid in public.
  3. Shovel snow or do yardwork for a family in your neighborhood.
  4. Invite a family to your home for dinner or bring a meal.
  5. Offer to baby-sit so parents can get a little break.
  6. Be a listening ear for a neighbor who is struggling.
  7. Ask a family if they need something picked up the next time you run to the store.
  8. Hold the door for a parent with a stroller.
  9. Compliment a parent you know is having one of those weeks.
  10. Have your kids choose a charity to which they can donate a portion of their allowance.

Remember you can be the change you want to see in this world. Make kindness the norm.

It will help strengthen families and prevent child abuse in your community and throughout Colorado. How? We are so glad you asked. Managing stress as parent is key and so is having friends, family and a neighborhood to lean on and talk to as we navigate parenthood together. Parental resilience and social connections are two of the five Protective Factors that, if present in family life, reduce the likelihood of a child experiencing abuse or neglect.

So, if you know someone raising a human in this world, randomly be kind.

PS. Join us at the Acts of Kindness Breakfast in Denver, CO on April 21st to get more involved and support us as we build brighter childhoods in Colorado together.

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