The media plays such a big part in shaping the environments in which we are raising our children. Illuminate Colorado would like to recognize 9NEWS and Corey Rose with the 2020 inaugural Illuminating Media Award for helping to build brighter childhoods.

Four months ago, 9NEWS posted this video and got our attention with Rose talking about the “pressures of being a mom” which got us talking and tearing up at our office.

April is child abuse prevention month (CAPM), a time when we help people understand that safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments are necessary to ensure that children thrive. Right now, that message is more critical than ever. Parents are under a lot of stress right now and they need support from everyone, including the media.

By sharing her own personal stories and the positive stories of other parents to educate and empower parents to be the parents that they want to be, Rose and the KUSA-9NEWS team are significantly helping to prevent child abuse in Colorado since this first video. Creating a space for parents to connect to one another in the It takes a Village Facebook Group, in addition to telling stories on air that matter to parents, provides a way to build critical social connections to strengthen our families and communities in Colorado.

We thought the best way to begin our CAPM awareness efforts was by thanking a member of the media for telling positive and supportive stories that reinforce all of the protective factors that have the power to prevention child abuse.

We hope there are more examples out there this month. We encourage you to thank journalist and media outlets that focus on ways to prevention child abuse and highlight programs and organizations strengthening families.

Share and RT positive media stories with “ #DoingmypartCO to Make #Greatchildhoods Right Now” to help strengthen families in Colorado right now.

Thank you 9NEWS morning anchor Corey Rose for Illuminating Media and helping to make #greatchildhoods happen in Colorado.

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