Colorado’s 2022 legislative session ends this Wednesday, May 11th, and your voice is needed now more than ever to get bills that will support our state’s kids and families over the finish line! We’ve put together a list of bills that are still moving and ways you can advocate for them in the last few days of this session. Bills move quickly at this point during the legislative session, so it’s important that you take action NOW before the advocacy opportunities below expire!

HB22-1259 Modifications To Colorado Works Program

This bill makes critical improvements to the Colorado Works program (our state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program). The TANF statute has not been meaningfully updated in roughly 15 years. At only $508 per month for a family of three, the program’s basic cash assistance (BCA) payments have not kept up with inflation or the high cost of living in Colorado and are worth far less today than they were in 1996 when the program began. This bill will increase BCA, ensure that it keeps up with the cost of living, and improve the ways TANF serves its participants so that all kids and families in Colorado can achieve economic prosperity. Learn why Illuminate supports this bill.

Take Action!

Contact your Colorado senator to urge them to support Colorado families’ economic security by voting ‘yes’ on HB22-1259.

Let’s Make Colorado Works Truly Work for Colorado Families

by Cassie Davis | Mar 3, 2022 | Advocacy

When we work together to build Protective Factors, it is possible to create a Colorado where all children and families thrive. House Bill 22-1259, a bill that would enhance our state’s efforts to invest in the well-being of Colorado families by making critical adjustments to Colorado Works . . . . 

HB22-1289 Health Benefits For Colorado Children And Pregnant Persons

This bill will increase access to health coverage for low-income children and pregnant people regardless of immigration status and make many other critical investments in perinatal services across the state. This bill will be a step forward in protecting the basic right of health care for all Coloradans and supporting all of our families during and after pregnancy. Learn why Illuminate supports this bill.

Take Action!

Contact your legislator to urge them to support the bill.

It’s Time for Us To Cover All Coloradans

by Cassie Davis | Mar 22, 2022 | Advocacy

Illuminate Colorado is proud to join a wide array of healthcare providers, community organizations and citizens across Colorado in advocating for HB22-1289 Health Benefits For Colorado Children And Pregnant Persons . . . . 

Healthy Meals for All Public School Students

Thanks to federal waivers, schools have been able to provide meals to all students and receive additional assistance to deal with supply chain challenges, staffing constraints and rising food costs during COVID-19. But those waivers will expire June 30th. There are two ways to make sure all students can continue to access meals at school. Learn why Illuminate supports these policies.


Take Action!

Please reach out to your legislators, share why school meals are crucial to your community, and ask them to:

Increasing Food Access in Schools Is on This Week’s Menu at the Colorado Legislature

by Cassie Davis | Mar 1, 2022 | Advocacy

Ensuring all Colorado students have access to school food at no cost increases the economic security of families, as well as students’ capacity to meaningfully engage in both the academic and social aspects of school.

HB22-1240 Mandatory Reporters

This bill would establish a Mandatory Reporter Task Force charged with analyzing best practices and recommending changes to training requirements and reporting procedures and analyzing the effectiveness of mandatory reporting and its relationship with systemic issues, including the disproportionate impact of mandatory reporting on under-resourced communities, communities of color, and persons with disabilities. Learn why Illuminate supports this bill.

Take Action!

Contact your senator to ask them to vote ‘yes’ on HB22-1240. 

Shifting Colorado Toward a Culture of Mandatory Supporting

by Illuminate Colorado | May 3, 2022 | Advocacy

With HB22-1240 Mandatory Reporters making its way through the Colorado legislature, an opportunity to transform how we approach ensuring child and family safety and well-being, including reducing disparities, is on the horizon for our state. . . .

We hope you will make your voice heard for Colorado’s kids and families during the remaining days of this legislative session! As always, you can keep track of the progress of these bills and others that impact families using Illuminate’s bill tracker.


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