Welcome to the fourth installment of the 2024 Blog Series: The Spectrum of Prevention in Action!

Over the course of the year, join us as we take a deep dive into each component of the Spectrum of Prevention – Supporting Families through Direct Service, Building Public Awareness, Educating Communities & Professionals, Fostering Networks, and Influencing Policy – and how the Spectrum comes to life in Illuminate’s work

Used nationally to address complex public issues, the Spectrum of Prevention outlines a range of prevention strategies across different levels of influence within a community or society. Illuminate’s programs and initiatives strategically span an adapted version of the Spectrum of Prevention, ensuring a holistic and lasting approach to building brighter childhoods. By adapting and employing the Spectrum of Prevention, we can target prevention efforts at various levels, from building individual knowledge and skills to influencing policies and legislation.

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Today, let’s explore how SuPPoRT Colorado fosters a network that serves families through the prevention and reduction of substance use during pregnancy.

Fostering networks emphasizes the importance of collaboration and networking among different organizations and community stakeholders. By working together, we amplify our impact. We’re able to pool resources, share expertise, and coordinate efforts across the state to prevent child maltreatment.

In 2008, the SuPPoRT Colorado Steering Committee was established as a subcommittee of the Colorado Substance Abuse Trend and Response Task Force.

The SuPPoRT Colorado Steering Committee is tasked with identifying and implementing strategies for reducing the number of families impacted by substance use during pregnancy and for improving outcomes for families across the lifespan.

The SuPPoRT Colorado Steering Committee exemplifies a collaborative approach to addressing community issues and continues to engage additional partners as appropriate to effectively address program targets.

SuPPoRT Colorado works as a cohesive network to convene, support, and guide the advancement of the following four priority areas:


Reduce stigma around accessing substance use disorder treatment and recovery supports for pregnant and parenting people.


Ensure systems, and the people who work within them, develop policies and practices with families that support warm handoffs, and standardize practices to address inequities.


Build Colorado's statewide capacity to align efforts, apply lessons from our data, and recognize and respond to emerging needs.


Build Colorado's statewide capacity to identify Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and support impacted families.

To further increase community collaboration and input from people with lived experiences, the Family Advisory Board (FAB) was formed in 2019.

The FAB identifies barriers and facilitators in seeking support and services, raises awareness about best practices when working with families, and informs priority-setting within the SuPPoRT Colorado Steering Committee to best serve the needs of families impacted by substance use.

SuPPoRT Colorado brings together subject matter experts, community partners, and individuals with lived experience, creating lasting impact for families impacted by substance use. 

Learn more about SuPPoRT Colorado’s work, get involved, and find resources on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, Plans of Safe Care, and Toxicology Testing here.

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