Welcome to the first installment of the 2024 Blog Series: The Spectrum of Prevention in Action!

Over the course of the year, join us as we take a deep dive into each component of the Spectrum of Prevention – Supporting Families through Direct Service, Building Public Awareness, Educating Communities & Professionals, Fostering Networks, and Influencing Policy – and how the Spectrum comes to life in Illuminate’s work

Used nationally to address complex public issues, the Spectrum of Prevention outlines a range of prevention strategies across different levels of influence within a community or society. Illuminate’s programs and initiatives strategically span an adapted version of the Spectrum of Prevention, ensuring a holistic and lasting approach to building brighter childhoods. By adapting and employing the Spectrum of Prevention, we can target prevention efforts at various levels, from building individual knowledge and skills to influencing policies and legislation.

Learn more about Illuminate’s Strategies & Frameworks.

Today, let’s explore how Illuminating Child Care supports families through direct service!

Supporting Families through Direct Service focuses on providing information, education, and skills-building opportunities to individuals. By offering targeted services, we empower parents and caregivers with the tools and resources they need to create safe, nurturing environments for their children.

Illuminating Child Care, one of the multiple ways Illuminate is offering direct support to families, provides an innovative systemic-approach to increasing access to child care for parents and caregivers navigating complex life situations, like mental health concerns, substance use disorders, or employment challenges, as they seek to strengthen their families. The program provides both community navigation support that connects families to resources, as well as mobile child care classrooms that offer child care to caregivers on-site where they’re getting the support they need. 

Access to child care is critical for all parents and caregivers in order for children, families, and communities to thrive. When families struggling to manage life’s challenges and the demands of raising children are also faced with the challenge of finding high quality child care, it can stand in the way of strengthening families.

“Research shows that difficulty finding child care is a stronger predictor of maternal neglect than almost any other factor, including mental health, severity of drug use, history of abuse as a child, & use of public assistance.”

Jade Woodard

Executive Director, Illuminate Colorado

Not only do Illuminating Child Care Teachers provide navigation services to caregivers, they are also trained to provide developmental planning services to families to ensure that every child is receiving the support they need to thrive. After about two weeks with Illuminating Child Care, families begin to work with teachers to complete the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, which helps to identify any areas where children may need extra support.

Teachers also work to build genuine, trusting relationships with parents. Illuminating Child Care teachers prioritize what each parent wants for their child, including how to best align with the schedules kids are on at home, in order to create a consistent and safe environment for learning.  

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Using direct services to help families build a holistic foundation of knowledge– of where to access community resources, how to nurture their child’s developmental progress, and where they can go to receive quality, trusted child care– is a critical step in strengthening families to prevent child maltreatment.

Did you know that Illuminating Child Care recently welcomed a new mobile child care classroom?

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