Illuminate Colorado offers multiple trainings for parents, caregivers, professionals, and community members to ensure everyone is equipped to create safe spaces where children can thrive. 

To work toward a world where every child grows up healthy and free from sexual abuse, it is essential to educate and empower all adults. Certified staff at Illuminate Colorado facilitate free evidence-based trainings for professionals, community members, caregivers, and parents alike on how they can prevent child sexual abuse. 

Learn about each training below, and register today!

Stewards of Children

This free, two-hour, award winning training will teach you to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. 

Parents, caregivers, professionals, and community members will learn simple, effective strategies for protecting children from sexual abuse, the importance of talking about the prevention of sexual abuse with children as well as adults, the types of situations where child sexual abuse can occur, and many other important skills!

This is the only training in the United States proven to increase knowledge of child sexual abuse and lead to behavior change. If enough people in Colorado take this training, we can create a new standard of safety across our state! 

Lines in the Sand: Identifying and Addressing Boundary Violations

This free two-hour training will teach you to better understand your own boundaries and prepare you to set clear expectations, so that normalization of negative patterns of behavior are prevented in your community– preventing opportunities for child and youth victimization.

Clear boundaries and limits are something kids learn over time, through interactions with the adults in their lives. You have the power, through education, vigilance, and clear communication, to ensure that the kids in your life establish the boundaries needed to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse. 

Parents, caregivers, professionals, and community members will learn to recognize important types of boundaries for physical safety, identify grooming behaviors that can lead to sexual abuse, and how to respond to boundary violations and articulate clear expectations. 

What to Expect When Talking the “Talk”

This free four-hour training will teach you how to become an askable adult through increased understanding of how to support positive sexual development in toddlers, children, and youth. 

Explore how development progresses and learn how to respond to the questions little ones ask that might make you uncomfortable. Your role and influence in a child’s life has the power to impact their sexual development, and this training will give you the tools to support them throughout the process. 

Parents, caregivers, professionals, and community members will learn to identify how their own sense of self influences the messages they share about sexual development, what information is beneficial for youth to have around their sexual development, and how to be prepared to have conversations about sexual development. 

New trainings coming March 2023!

Thanks in large part to support from the Colorado Child Abuse Prevention Trust Fund Act in the Department of Early Childhood, all Coloradans can take these trainings FREE in-person (dependent on location) or online.

Meet your training facilitator, Sadie Rose! 

Sadie Rose Pace (she/her/hers) joined the Illuminate team in January of 2021 as the Education Program Manager. In her role, Sadie Rose provides training and facilitator support for Illuminate’s Child Sexual Abuse Prevention training. Having spent a decade as a victim advocate, Sadie Rose knows that communication and education are essential to de-stigmatization and allows for open and honest conversations. “The more we talk about child maltreatment the better we can creatively problem solve and collaborate to prevent it from occurring.”

Born and raised in Southwest Colorado, Sadie Rose loves that she can drive two hours in any direction and be in a totally different climate. She enjoys spending time outside of work with her husband, dogs, and two retired equine therapy horses.

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