The statewide effort aims to strengthen connections between families and communities.

DENVER, COLO. (May 22, 2023) – On June 1, Global Day of Parents, the Colorado Partnership for Thriving Families and Illuminate Colorado will celebrate with the launch of a multi-year, statewide campaign to reinforce the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, urging all Coloradans to provide support to those serving the crucial role as a parent. The campaign is designed to inspire parents to build a network to turn to when they need “back up” and to encourage friends, families and neighbors to become a “village” of support and let parents and caregivers know “We Got UR Back.” The goal is to empower parents to ask for support, offer support to one another, and to normalize supportive parenting networks to create strong families.

“Parenting is one of the most fulfilling roles we can take on, but also one of the most challenging,” said Illuminate Colorado Executive Director Jade Woodard. “Every parent needs and deserves a supportive network of people. By backing up parents with essential supports, we celebrate them daily…and also help to raise healthy children and build stronger, more connected communities.” 

Nationwide studies have shown that connectivity with people and the community improves physical and mental health, happiness, and longevity for parents and children. A supportive network surrounding families helps reduce stress and fosters nurturing parenting habits and better outcomes for children.

To help build connections, Illuminate Colorado has redesigned its social connections website,, to be a valuable resource for parents and to provide tools for community members and partners who want to help them develop stronger connections. Visitors can see the stories of Noah and Lucinda, and Brisa, who share their parenting journeys of raising a child with disabilities and as a single parent.  

A pre-pandemic survey among parents in Colorado showed that one in five parents felt they had no one to turn to for day-to-day emotional support with raising children. In 2022, Illuminate Colorado conducted a statewide survey to understand existing perceptions among parents and community members about seeking support, offering support, and the importance of social connections.

Key Survey Findings:

  • 80% of respondents agreed that social connections benefit them and their families and that offering support to others grows a sense of community. 
  • 73% of respondents said they feel better when they have someone to talk with and believe that asking for support when they need it helps strengthen their family.
  • 82% of respondents agreed that it’s good when parents have someone to ask for parenting advice.

“Our research shows Coloradans want to provide support, but often don’t know where to start,” explained Woodard. “This campaign and our new website provide the tips and tools people can use to have a long-term impact on families and to create supportive communities we all want to be a part of.” 

About Illuminate Colorado:

Illuminate Colorado is a statewide nonprofit strengthening families, organizations and communities to prevent child maltreatment. With a research-based approach that emphasizes building promotive and protective factors, we address systemic and multi-sector issues by collaborating with families and partners at the community, state and national levels to develop and implement powerful programs, policies and initiatives that build brighter childhoods in Colorado. Visit to learn more.

Campaign Partners:

Colorado Connected was originally established through the Colorado Essentials for Childhood project with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and support from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. In recent years, the Colorado Partnership for Thriving Families, with funding from the Colorado Department of Early Childhood and the United States Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families, has worked to convene a diverse group of state, county, and community members to create updated campaign tools and to continue to address social norms significantly impacting families and communities, building resilience and preventing child maltreatment. Visit to learn more.

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