Have you ever taken a class on the importance of self-care, but never actually had the opportunity to practice what was taught?  

Bloom Yoga is partnering with The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) and The Child Welfare Training System to offer a variety of opportunities for child welfare professionals  to practice SELF-CARE through the practice of yoga! These classes are formatted around experiential learning, meaning that we don’t just offer education–we practice what we teach!

Wellness In the Workplace Is Growing 

A healthier and happier workplace starts with caring about the individuals that work with you. There is also more and more research coming out on yoga’s impacts on Secondary Traumatic Stress, which is a major impact of child welfare work.  

Kaiser Permanente states: “You have an opportunity to improve the health of your employees every day. Making small changes to your workplace and company policies is a great way to start, and it’s where you can make the biggest impact.”

Bloom Yoga believes in supporting the child welfare workforce in combating secondary trauma and stress through education, mindfulness and yoga practices. Additional benefits of mindfulness and yoga in the workplace include:

    • Increased Awareness
    • Improved Mood
    • Reduction of Stress
    • Fights Illness

We cannot take care of others without taking care of ourselves first.

Yoga Through the Colorado Department of Human Services

Classes funded through CDHS are formatted to meet the direct wellness needs of county workers and their teams. These classes, designed for larger groups, teams or entire counties, can include education and research-based learning, or just provide a simple practice as part of staff care and retention plans.

Yoga Through the Child Welfare Training System

Another way individual child welfare professionals can participate is through the Child Welfare Training System. The CWTS class is delivered in a 5-week series focusing on key elements of trauma informed yoga, as well as a full 60-minute yoga practice each week. Participants are able to explore movement, breathing techniques, and mindfulness to help develop a sustainable practice to aid in alleviating and preventing secondary trauma and stress.  

Each week we explore the following topics along with our practice:  

Week 1:  Defining Yoga, Why Yoga, Benefits of Yoga, Research  

Week 2: Nervous System and the Brain

Week 3: Self Awareness 

Week 4: Postures, breathing, and mindfulness; and their impacts on the body

Week 5: Establishing Routines for Prevention of Stress and management of symptoms (Self Care Plans)

Bloom Yoga also offered yoga teachings as part of Child Welfare Workforce Development Month through the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWII) in September 2021.  

What Participants Are Saying

“LOVED everything about it- we learn about self care all the time in child welfare, but we never actually make space for it. This was THE FIRST time in 15 years of working in child welfare that I actually carved out time to learn and put it into practice…THANK YOU, this has changed my life. I wish I could take this every week, forever :)”

“Word’s can’t describe how much I enjoyed this!! I enjoyed the yoga education as much as the actual yoga. The most valuable thing I learned is the breathing techniques which I have started to incorporate throughout my day.”

“The uniqueness of the training series…There’s always talk that caseworkers need to practice self care, but this is the first training I’ve taken where it’s truly the focus.”

Funding for county level offerings is limited, so don’t delay! To schedule a yoga experience, or for more information, contact Sarah Crisafi at Illuminate Colorado.

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