Earlier this year, Illuminate Colorado provided these beautiful branded yoga mats to our staff to welcome in the new year. Not only did they make great gifts, but they actively promoted self-care, highlighting a growing–and important–trend in the workplace.

The importance of wellness in the workplace is expanding rapidly.  Many companies are starting to realize that a healthier and happier workplace starts with caring about the people who work there–the employees.

Kaiser Permanente states that “you have an opportunity to improve the health of your employees every day. Making small changes to your workplace and company policies is a great way to start, and it’s where you can make the biggest impact.” More business owners are starting to embrace this idea that facilitating the health of their employees is a great investment for the company as a whole.

Employee Well-being Through Yoga  

One way companies are implementing this is by offering yoga, which promotes both mindful awareness and physical fitness.  Many employers are even re-inventing their offices to accommodate its practice.

A 2017 study by the CDC, discussing yoga and mindfulness, found that “the benefits to everyone involved ripple out from a productive workplace, to a happy home, a more energetic life, and hopefully, a more compassionate society.”

Some other benefits that were found through this study on mindfulness and yoga in the workplace were:

  • increased awareness,
  • improved mood,
  • reduction of stress and
  • fights illness.

But yoga isn’t the only option for employee wellness. There are numerous other ways that employers can promote wellness and self-care for their employees, including:

  • accessible fitness,
  • education,
  • benefits,
  • lunches,
  • breaks,
  • team building,
  • massage,
  • cards and notes from supervisors,
  • gifts,
  • time off,
  • flexibility and so much more.

Support Wellness Where You Work

We offer free yoga to all of our employees at Illuminate Colorado, along with yoga mats, through our Bloom Yoga program and you can too. This is just one small way that we are supporting our employees at Illuminate Colorado and making sure that we’re all able to do the important work that we do every day.

How are you taking care of the people around you?  Be creative and support wellness where you work!

Contact us to learn more about opportunities to partner with Bloom Yoga through trainings, classes or other support in the workplace.

Sarah Crisafi is the program manger for Bloom Yoga at Illuminate Colorado.

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